Heroes of Mavia Research Report

Welcome to the island of Mavia—but this won’t be a vacation!

Heroes of Mavia Research Report


Welcome to the island of Mavia—but this won’t be a vacation! Instead, you’ll enter a decentralized strategy game, building up your base and armies to defeat all enemies.

This massively-multiplayer online strategy game is built on the popular Ethereum blockchain. Players will build up their bases, battle for resources and land, and earn that all-important $RUBY.

In this guide, we’ll show you around Mavia, and the world of the game. We’ll take a look at the team behind Heroes of Mavia, and their gaming-industry expertise. We’ll see a few of the backers and investors in the project, and see what’s next for the community. And while gameplay is still to be released, we’ll share our recommendation if you want to get involved right away.

With the team’s stated influences of two of the biggest games in the world, Axie Infinity and Clash of Clans, this game has potential to follow them to the top. 

Ready to find out more about this upcoming play and earn strategy game?


Heroes of Mavia is an online, decentralized base-building strategy game, built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Players will battle each other and compete for $RUBY, a real-world token by winning matchups and completing various objectives. And unlike traditional web2 games, players will have freedom to buy, rent, or team up with other players’ resources.


Details of the Heroes of Mavia’s worldbuilding are fairly thin at this point. The game takes place on a tropical island called Mavia. Filled with various armies and ruthless commanders, along with some seriously buff dogs and gorillas, your base is under attack!

Players will take the role of their base commander, battling for access to resources while battling other players. Will you become the master of Mavia—or will your base be overrun?


Heroes of Mavia bills itself as the first AAA base builder game built on the blockchain. If you’ve played Clash of Clans, or remember hooking up the LAN party (ask your parents, kids) with your friends for hours of Starcraft or Age of Empires, this should be right in your wheelhouse.

Building up your base’s defensive capabilities must be carefully balanced against massing your offensive troops. And none of those things can run without Gold and Oil, two in-game resources that you’ll need to manage as well.

Defeating stronger bases and larger armies will grant much higher $RUBY rewards, Mavia’s in-game utility token. However, these challenging bases could spell disaster for your own base’s security.

As you progress and grow your base, you’ll need more and more $RUBY to continue on. This direct investment is designed to ensure a healthy and growing economy in the Mavia world. More $RUBY can also lead to increasing the value of your own assets.

You’ll be able to choose between multiple land and air units to suit your strategic goals. And while not required, your mighty Heroes, powerful NFT troops with special abilities, can help turn the tide in any battle. Heroes are so powerful, in fact, that the developers are including access to four base Heroes with every Land NFT, in order to level the playing field.

Players will be matched up roughly evenly for gameplay that’s fair and engaging, while allowing players to learn the ins and outs of the game’s systems at the same time. Heroes of Mavia also will support battle replays and spectating so you can really hone your strategies and learn from every match.

One interesting gameplay wrinkle is that players will be able to continue their play and earn progress even while away from the game. If your base is able to repel an attack successfully with little damage, you’ll be able to earn $RUBY rewards even passively.


The Heroes of Mavia Team

Heroes of Mavia is being designed and developed by Skrice Studios. Based in Vietnam, Skrice has a global team of over 60 employees. And while the team has many years of game design, animation, and other game industry credentials, their cryptocurrency experience seems to be limited.

However, while details of their blockchain and DeFi backgrounds might be limited, it is clear to see that this team knows their way around making and marketing a game. With a vibrant and lively art style, at once cartoonish and sleek, it already looks like something you could jump in and play seamlessly.

We are of the opinion that play and earn cryptocurrency games have to be games, above all.

No matter what the mechanics of your advanced crypto or NFT project might be, if no one wants to actually PLAY it, then it is worthless!

Heroes of Mavia can draw upon some of the most addictive games out there, including idle games that swept the world, to actually gain adoption of their web3 game.

Check out the game reveal trailer for an idea of what we’re talking about. This looks like a fast-paced, rough-and-tumble battle going all out. Who wouldn’t want to take a look at this? Heroes Of Mavia - 2022 Game Reveal Trailer

Funding & Backers

Heroes of Mavia and Skrice Studios must be doing something right, because they have secured the backing of some big names in the cryptocurrency and decentralized worlds. After closing a $2.5 million strategic funding round in February 2022, they have now raised a total of $8 million as of this writing.

Crypto.com has taken on the lead investor role,  and Binance Labs, Delphi Digital and many others are listed as partners on Heroes of Mavia’s homepage.

Game Economy

Heroes of Mavia skips the expansion—this crypto game is all about the Land from your very first play! A game about land war and expansion needs to have land, and Heroes of Mavia spins this land into their most essential NFTs.

Thanks to the power of the Ethereum blockchain, Heroes of Mavia turns all that base-building into true wealth-building.

Each base is a unique NFT, and owning at least one base is required for play. Each of these bases is of limited quantity, and of set rarity: Common, Rare, or Legendary. All unique NFTs are linked to a Metamask wallet owned by the player.

Within each base, your HQ is the control center of your entire gameplay experience. This is where you will upgrade base buildings, troop stats, and more. Unlike other base buildings, the HQ can only be upgraded with $RUBY, incentivising sustained play and economic activity. High-value bases also will have much higher economic value because of their $RUBY value.

One player can, and likely will own multiple NFT land bases. This virtual real estate can then be bought, sold, traded, or even rented out, just like more traditional real estate assets. Land can also be owned in partnership, lowering the barrier of entry for new players and cryptocurrency rookies.

Other NFT assets include various Heroes, and base-boosting Statues; however, these are only available for purchase with the game’s $MAVIA governance tokens.


We like any game that helps make NFT play and earn games a seamless experience. And Heroes of Mavia has a far better experience for visiting and using their NFT marketplace than most. Located just one tab down from the gameplay, players will be able to browse and buy without leaving the game environment. 

This sort of detail to user experience goes a long way in making web3 gaming a smooth experience for the gamers. We like the thought of being able to buy and sell Heroes perfectly suited to the current match, and use them just a few seconds later.

Another interesting feature being developed by the Heroes of Mavia team is their proprietary NFT rental-wrapping technology. This process allows NFT owners to mint a new “synthetic base clone” of their land to rent out, without risking their ownership of the original Base NFT. This smoothing process allows players to passively collect game rewards and tokens.


Heroes of Mavia has a Discord community of over 82,000, and around 100,000 currently on Twitter. They are a fairly active bunch, with around 3-5 posts per minute in the game’s Discord. Comments have been very positive, especially surrounding the game’s reveal trailer.

The Mavia team have also secured Eric Rivera, of Faze Clan fame, as an advisor for the game.

“Coming from a professional gaming background, I was searching for the first big title that will bring the masses to GameFi. Blockchain gaming is only just beginning, and I believe Mavia is well-positioned to lead this space and demonstrate the importance of combining AAA quality graphics, addictive gameplay and a strong economic model for play-to-earn currencies.”


In the last six months, Mavia has launched their community and held a massively successful Land NFT mint sale. The sale reached #8 on OpenSea’s 24-hour volume chart within 12 hours of launch, on their way to a #1 trending project.

Maintaining that momentum will be the next challenge for the Mavia team. From staking on land NFTs to beta testing, and the eventual game launch, the second half of 2022 will be a critical junction for the team to deliver on. 

The Bottom Line

While we haven’t gotten gameplay yet, and there is a fair bit of info still in the “coming soon” stage, we’re excited about the potential we see in Heroes of Mavia. Incorporating classic elements from base-building games of the past, Mavia could be the first AAA base-builder of the web3 era. 

There are lots of interesting opportunities in Mavia, and they all seem to center around just one asset class—land. Focusing on land can eliminate a lot of indecision and margin of error. No need to sift through many different NFT types here, if you’re looking to get involved in the world of Mavia, you’ll need to be a landowner.

What do you think about Heroes of Mavia? Get ready to build that base, and stay tuned for more updates!