Aurory Research Report

Aurory has the potential to be a worldwide success.

Aurory Research Report


Welcome to the world of Aurory. This gorgeously illustrated JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game)-style will have players exploring a vibrant and colorful world, collecting unique creatures and battling for supremacy.

With Aurory gameplay available right now, web3 players can explore twin worlds Antik and Tokané, collecting powerful NFT creatures called, fittingly, Nefties. Using classic turn-based combat, players can strategize to their hearts’ content, and engage in both PvE (player vs. environment) single-player campaigns, and a PvP (player vs. player) competitive battle mode.

Aurory has put a lot of effort into their lore and gameplay, which is exactly what you want for a successful free to play crypto game. Shocker, right?

In this report, we’ll be taking a closer look into the world of Aurory. 

We’ll explore the game lore (packed with some real-world crypto Easter eggs), and explore gameplay. We’ll look at the free to play and play to earn crypto potential, along with the tokenomics of the game. We’ll introduce the AAA talent behind the game and the game’s leadership team, and finally, share our ideas on getting involved in Aurory for yourself.

Let’s take a look at Aurory!


Aurory is an open-world, free to play, turn-based role playing game. Built on the Solana blockchain, this game will see players collecting NFT creatures and battling through quests and other players over hours of gameplay. Using a Phantom wallet, players can collect, trade, buy, sell, and hatch their Nefties securely.


Aurory has some of the most detailed and fleshed out lore of any play and earn crypto game we’ve come across. We love seeing the attention to detail and investment the game developers have put into creating their world, and it really shows. The world of Aurory feels real. It feels expansive, deep, and with many mysteries to uncover and explore.

The lore of Aurory is also interesting because it explores some of the real-world history of the cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 movements. We can see this game actually teaching a lot of people about crypto and NFT concepts! And whether you’re a crypto pro or new to the world of decentralized finance, NFTs, and more, there’s plenty to take in here. Especially for the blockchain veterans, there are lots of fun Easter eggs contained in the game’s lore for savvy players.

Aurory is a world divided. On the one end, you have the land of Antik. Antik is a land of inequality, where the rulering Barons of the land hold all the wealth and power in their clutches. The creatures of Antik have become warped and dangerous, and the Barons are recklessly spending the realm closer and closer to collapse. Meanwhile, the common people and creatures of Antik are left with little for themselves.

Eventually, a mysterious hero known only as Satoshi arose. Seeing the inequality in the land, Satoshi created a decentralized finance (DeFi) system. Because of decentralization, the Barons would not be able to dominate and control the lives of the people any longer.

Knowing that the Barons, with all their power and resources, would never allow such a thing to exist without a fight, Satoshi had to find a way to escape. And luckily, he found just that.

Satoshi discovered a link to a new and parallel universe, free from the corruption and rigidity of Antik. This magical new world, called Tokané, was also filled with creatures called Nefties. Using a powerful device called a Mintorc, Satoshi created a new Neftie that could create a permanent gateway between the planes. That Nefties name was Helios.

Knowing he had only a short time to act, Satoshi revealed this new world of freedom to the people of Antik. Hoping that at least some would be able to escape to freedom, Satoshi was soon faced with an all-out assault by the powerful elites of Antik, who wanted the power for themselves.

In countless resulting battles, reality itself was soon left broken and scarred. Through mysterious shards of crystal, the new residents of Tokané were linked to the world itself—but also provided a dangerous link back to Antik. Soon, Satoshi disappeared entirely. The Barons were invading the world of Tokané, spreading their corruption and attacking the peaceful Nefties at every opportunity.

It is into this splintered world that our heroes arrive. Our humble hero, Sam, a worker from Antik, is teaming up with Helios to restore the land of Tokanè to its previous state. Together, they’ll uncover the mysteries of the shards, and search for powerful relics, called the Vestiges of Power.

With the unique and powerful abilities of the Nefties in your arsenal, you’ll be able to fight back and defend your new home against those who would seek to destroy it.

Aurory Whitepaper


The game will follow the adventures of Sam and Helios over several planned releases. Along with this RPG gameplay, there will be PvP modes for battling against other players and their Nefties.

The PvE gameplay will follow our two heroes as they explore the world and climates of Tokané. From deep forests to snowy peaks, you’ll encounter tons of NPCs and wild Nefties. You’ll solve puzzles and complete quests given by these NPCs to earn rewards, items, and more. All around the world, you’ll find villages and castles, and other landmarks to explore. We can picture ourselves spending many hours exploring this in-depth world.

Aurory Whitepaper

And for those wanting to spend more time in PvP, Aurory features plenty to love for lovers of turn-based strategy. It’s easy to get started in Aurory, but there’s plenty of complexity and strategy to master.

Each PvP match will use a turn-based strategy system, pitting your team of three Nefties against your opponent on a battleground grid.

Check out their recently released Battlefield Guide for in-depth explanations of all aspects of gameplay.

Each team will be led by a Tactician, helping to decide your team’s opening position. Tacticians also provide some passive boosts and abilities, which can be very powerful with a complementary strategy. There will be various Tacticians to pair with your Nefties, allowing for lots of different playstyles.

Aurory Whitepaper

Each turn, Nefties will take a move and a skill action, following their initiative order. Turns alternate until one team is defeated, and all their Nefties are knocked out from play.

To access the PvP mode, players will need to assemble a team of at least three Neftie NFTs, and stake a minimum amount of $AURY, the game’s utility token. Players can collect these Nefties in various ways, from hatching eggs found in PvE campaign play, buying them on the Aurory marketplace, or borrowing from a weekly lineup of Nefties.

The amount needed for staking is still to be determined, and will be updated with further information as it becomes available.

Like any play and earn game hoping to gain mainstream adoption, Aurory supports free to play gamers. These players, even if they don’t buy Nefties from the marketplace, can earn $AURY and collect Neftie NFTs simply from their PvE play. This experience will also make you a more successful PvP player.

Free to play and earn crypto games are such an improvement over the pay to play model, and are one of the most exciting developments in Web 3.0. Check out more of our guides and get started with earning real-world value through cryptocurrency games here.


The Aurory Team

The team behind Aurory boasts plenty of game design and AAA development experience. The team has years of experience working for both large game studios like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and others, along with small indie game studios.

The Aurory team is composed of 30+ talents from the gaming and the cryptocurrency industry, making them one of the most experienced teams in the whole play-to-earn ecosystem.

Jonathan Campeau | Executive Producer

18 years of experience - Worked at Ubisoft, EA, Gameloft, Minority

Yann Penno | Studio Head, Art Director

13 years of experience - Worked for multiple Indie Studios

Stephan Carmignani | Creative Director

22 years of experience - Worked for Infogrames/Atari, Ubisoft, Eidos, EA, Warner bros games, Minority, Rovio

Paul Vadillo | Head of Operations/Partnerships

4 years of experience

Levani T. | CTO

Former deep learning & computer vision engineer, founder of TipAndChat

Sacha Persat | Technical Designer

8 years of experience - Worked for Ubisoft, Arkane Studio, Darkworks, Minority

Mitchel Kelonye | Front-end lead

6 years of experience - Ex Synthetix front-end lead

Anthony Keller | Blockchain engineer

4 years of experience - Worked on Coordinape

More about the Aurory team.

Funding & Backers

Aurory is well-backed, and has raised solid amounts of funding since the Aurory project began. In 2021, Aurory tweeted that they had crossed a $100 million volume on their Aurorian NFT collection, selling all 10,000 within three seconds of launch. Along with a $130 million market cap for $AURY, their Solana-based crypto token, Aurory has had some impressive successes.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">2021 was great, but 2022 will be even better! ⚔️<br><br>Some of our milestones:<br><br>• $100M+ volume on the Aurorian collection<br>• 172K followers on Twitter, 50K on Discord <br>• 35+ team members<br>• Major DEX and CEX listings<br>• $130M market cap for <a href=";src=ctag&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">$AURY</a><br><br>Thanks for all the support! 🙏</p>&mdash; Aurory (@AuroryProject) <a href="">January 1, 2022</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

Backers for the project include Alameda Research and Animoca Brands, among other investors in the space.

Game Economy & Tokens

Aurory is seeking to evolve the traditional gaming model from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Unlike traditional games, which extract and draw value from their players solely to the developers and studio, a decentralized game seeks to establish community ownership,  circulate value and economic benefit between the community itself.

Aurory has chosen to use Solana for their base-layer blockchain. Thanks to Solana’s incredibly quick transactions, with virtually no fees, the team feels that Solana will be the optimal choice for supporting large numbers of players around the world.

Unlike many other NFT play and earn projects we look at, Aurory has taken a somewhat unique approach when it comes to their currency token, $AURY. To avoid an inflationary economy, leading to devalued assets and power imbalances among the early adopters and those who join later, Aurory uses a single, limited-supply token system. This is balanced by two in-game sub-currencies, Toke and Oka.

$AURY is at the center of the game economy, and is used throughout Aurory in many different use cases. With a fixed supply of 100 million, $AURY is used to access and reward PvP gameplay, for staking, marketplace transactions, governance in the DAOry, the game’s DAO group, and for accessing loot-filled dungeons to explore.

Aurory Whitepaper

Community & Roadmap

Aurory has a large and fairly engaged following on social media platforms, numbering around 185,000 members on Twitter, and around 43,000 on Discord.

The team provides monthly updates on their State of Aurory addresses on Substack

Recent updates include the launch of the Nexus, a lobby intro level, alongside the surprise launch of the Marketplace in April of 2022.

May brought the ability to control your Aurorian NFT in the game’s Nexus alpha level, along with early-access of PvP gameplay to testers and wallet holders. Players can sign in to face a lineup of either FUD (yes, really their names!) opponents, sample Nefties, or even try a live matchup with other testers.

The development team frequently shares lots of updates around the art and design of the game, and it is really fun to see what they have in store for players as the game takes shape.

Death animation of a FUD baddie

The Bottom Line

Among the most promising Solana games out there, Aurory has the potential to be a worldwide success. They’re accomplishing that, now just with proven gameplay design and features and gorgeous, detailed art, but with real-world crypto education as well. We love the idea of packaging up an educational experience inside a fun-to-play game. This is exactly how you bring the sometimes-complicated world of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Web 3.0 to the world, and Aurory looks to be able to do just that.

If Aurory looks like a world you want to explore, you can check out their site and check out the gameplay available now. Purchasing an Aurorian would be a great next step, as the Aurorians grant lots of early-access community benefits, and access to game features. Buying your Neftie lineup could be the next step, though they are also available for capture simply through gameplay.

What are your thoughts about Aurory? Ready to save the world?